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A Wild Light Apothecary's Pacific Northwest Community Supported Apothecary program includes one box of herbal goods monthly for three consecutive months. Available either for pick up in the Capitol Hill neighborhood of Seattle or delivery by US mail on the first of the month. The cost is $150 upfront and what comes in the boxes has a total value exceeding $300. This CSA program is designed both for folks new to what the herb world has to offer, and those looking to enhance their medicine cabinet,  first aid kit, or culinary herb selection. The offerings are all appropriate for beginners and will include brief descriptions about application and use of these plant medicines. 


What is a CSA and where does this concept come from? 

CSA is an acronym for 'Community Supported Agriculture', a model designed by farmers offering regular produce delivery throughout the year (or a portion of the year) for an upfront cost at the beginning of the growing season. This model makes it possible for farmers to receive cash up front  to purchase seeds and other materials needed to jump start their production and for consumers to receive regular, local, produce or other farm products. The model has been adopted by many different kinds of people working with live and food materials among other goods. The CSA model also inevitably fosters a stronger sense of connection to community and land as it brings folks growing foods or making goods closer together. I have seen first hand the magic that this system creates in bringing people together and in enlightening them to the undiscovered in both food and medicine. As herbalists, we have to get creative about the ways we generate our income, in part because herbalism is largely an unlicensed field.  I have adopted the  model of the CSA as a way to supplement my income so that I can continue to serve my community in my herbal practice. 



All the medicines in these shares are made by me and either gown in my garden, in my friends gardens or ethically wildcrafted through an energetic lens with great attention to a minimalistic approach. This means I only harvest/pick just enough for what I will be making, generally a very small amount. This round of shares will highlight ways to stay well moving into the colder months, while cultivating resilience. I use as many local and seasonally available plants as possible in an effort to keep the connection to land a vital part of this program. The shares feature an essence, one single extract tincture, one flower essence and tincture blend, one topical oil, and one miscellaneous item each month. See below for more details. 

*Please note that because I source plants as they are available sometimes contents of the subscription will change. If this occurs I will put out an announcement notifying folks that have purchased the CSA.

 N O V E M B E R

Elderberry Elixir

Acute Immune Formula

Nutritive and Immune Boosting Tea


Firecider Elixir

Mushroom Blend

Rosehip Extract


Throat Spray

Bronchial Formula

Respiratory Salve


The cost of the CSA is $100 for Pickup and $120 for delivery or mail order, due in full by November 1st and payment is necessary to ensure your spot in the program. Some of you may notice a price difference for this CSA round which is due to the fact that this Fall’s CSA will include three rather than five herbal remedies. Sign up and payment can be made under the 'Products' tab of this website or via the button at the bottom of this page, be sure to enter the appropriate shipping cost.  

For information about payment plans over the course of the subscription or for special pricing for people of color please email me for more details at  


Shares can be picked up the following dates : November 1st, December 1st, and January 1st on the East side of Olympia or at The Sugar Pill in the Capitol Hill neighborhood of Seattle at no additional cost. For a total additional $20 doorstep delivery is available in Olympia, Seattle, and Tacoma OR subscriptions can be shipped via USPS in the US.  Please note that shares will be mailed out on the 1st of each month or if the first falls on a Sunday, the next business day, packages should be received within 5-7 business days from that date. 

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